10.5 跃迁门(中英对照)

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On IRC I realized there's a bit of confusion when it comes to faster-than-light (FTL) travelling, so I'll make a quick summary of the technologies/gameplay mechanics involved in the FTL/HIP travel and how they relate to each other. This will explain why the HIPs need to be in a certain way and not another.


Ships are basically equipped with 3 types of drives ( let's say for simplfying purposes that they're all a 3-in-1 drive ).
- The standard navigation/combat drive provides normal accelerations, typically what you experience in the ICP.
- The impulse/cruise drive provides light-speed and accelerations necessary to reach light speed within a minute.
- Finally, the FTL drive.


  • 标准导航航行和战斗航行供给的普通加速度,比如你在ICP中的体验。
  • 脉冲驱动和巡航驱动供给的达到光速及在一分钟内加速度达到光速。
  • 最后是超光速推进器。

The FTL drive is based on hyperspace theory. A wormhole opens and creates a "shortcut" in hyperspace, leading to the destination very quickly. There are two important concepts here:
- the wormhole tunnel, while being a shortcut compared to normal space, has a positive length. It means that it takes time for a ship to travel through it.
- once in hyperspace, your ship goes on its momentum and maintains a constant velocity.
Therefore, the speed at which you'll travel through hyperspace, and therefore the time it takes to reach your destination, is a function of the velocity at which you were going when you entered the wormhole.


  • 虫洞隧道,当作为一个捷径与常规空间比较时,它具有绝对长度。这意味着飞船需要时间来穿过它。
  • 在超空间里,你的飞船继续持续着其动力且保持恒定的速度。


Other things of importance:
- when the wormhole is created, you can see a "jump cloud" effect both at the entrance, but also at the destination, which can be analyzed by scanners ( so a pirate can detect where a ship jumped to, or if already in the destination system, where a ship is coming from when it'll arrive ).
- the time it takes to travel through hyperspace is exponential: it might take hours if you're jumping at 0.1% c ( c being the light speed ); minutes at 10% c; maybe 30 seconds at 50%, and maybe 10 seconds at 99% c. Numbers are irrelevant here and will be adjusted in beta.
- when you want to jump FTL, you have to select a destination. The probability to succeed the jump is based on (approximately) the ratio between the mass and the distance to the target. So it'll be easier to target a massive hot blue star than a small brown dwarf.
- jumping to planets will be possible intra-system, or maybe even from neighbooring star systems if the planets are massive enough.
- your destination location in your target star system is roughly in line with the direction formed with the source star system ( your exit point is not random; two ships jumping from the same nearby location and having the same target will end up in the same location in their target, assuming they both succeed the jump of course ).
- failure to jump might cause a lot of effects, ranging from jumping cancelled to drive damaged, to jump on a wrong location, etc..


  • 当虫洞创建时,你可以在入口看到“跃迁云”效应,(所以海盗可以侦查到飞船跃迁到哪里,或者在目标星系中,飞船从哪里出现)。
  • 穿越超空间所花的时间是成指数的:如果你以0.1%光速跃迁,可能需要数小时;如果以10%光速,可能要一分钟;或许以50%光速要30秒,99%光速要10秒。这里的数字是不相干的,这些将在封测中调试。
  • 如果你想超光速跃迁,你必须选择一个目的地。成功跃迁的概率取决于目标恒星/行星的质量和距离之比,所以大质量的蓝色恒星比一颗很小的白矮星更容易锁定。
  • 行星间跃迁有可能在恒星系内部完成,如果有质量够大的行星,甚至可以在相邻的恒星系间跃迁。
  • 你的跃迁目标位置所在星系和源星系的方向大致在同一条直线上(跃迁后到达的地方不是随机的;两艘飞船从同一地点附近跃迁且它们均有相同的目标,那么它们最终将到达同一个地方,当然,假定他们都成功的跃迁了)。
  • 跃迁失败可能会造成很多影响,从迁跃取消到推进器损坏,或者迁跃到错误的地方等等……

How it relates to HIPs:
- the HIP needs to have an acceleration structure before the ship reaches the entrance of the wormhole. Of course it might be possible to leave the acceleration structure, but in order for the travel through hyperspace to be fast enough, the ship must be entering the wormhole near light speed. Targetting the entrance of the wormhole when you're going near light speed is next to impossible, and certainly not practical, hence why the acceleration structure is necessary.
- the wormhole is permanent; in other words, it doesn't open or close when a ship wants to pass through the HIP.
- ships will have to request for an authorization before they can pass through the HIP. There will be a tax going to the HIP owner ( initially, the core systems governments/companies ).
- I'm not decided yet whether there should be a decceleration structure at the arrival or not.
- the location of the HIP entrance, and the location of the destination are fixed ( they don't change over time ).
- the HIP should include massive defense stations - those structures should probably be the most well defended things in the whole galaxy.
- the HIP should have an industrial design, but not a garbage/chaotic one. It should be well organized, and probably symmetrical.
- the wormhole/event horizon itself will be spherical, but probably added in engine with a special effect: it's not part of the HIP structure; you should just "reserve" some room for it at the end of the HIP.
- the acceleration structure should probably be a cylindrical structure rather than a ring. This is because when your ship is nearing light speed, it becomes impossible to affect its velocity and make it follow a curved path.



  • 跃迁门需要飞船在到达虫洞入口时有一个加速构造。当然,也有可能离开这个加速结构,但是为了要更快地穿过超空间,飞船必须以接近光速进入虫洞。如果你用常规动力以近光速接近虫洞入口几乎是不可能的,也不现实,因此必须要有个加速结构。
  • 虫洞是永久性的;换句话说,当飞船通过跃迁门时,它是不会打开或关闭的。
  • 飞船必须请求得到授权才能通过跃迁门。你需要给跃迁门拥有者缴纳过路费(最初拥有者为星系政府或公司)。
  • 我尚未确定是否在抵达时也要有一个减速结构
  • 跃迁门入口的位置和目标位置是固定的(它们不随着时间而变化)。
  • 迁跃门包含着大量的防卫系统——这些防卫设施可能是整个银河系中最牛逼的防卫系统了。
  • 跃迁门需要典型的工业设计,但是也不要弄得杂乱无章。设计需要系统、连贯,当然也有可能对称。
  • 虫洞边缘是球状的,可能会在游戏引擎中添加特殊效果:所以这不是跃迁门本身的结构;你需要跃迁门末尾预留些空间(给游戏引擎产生虫洞效果)。
  • 加速结构应该是直桶状而不要做成圆环。因为当飞船接近光速时,几乎不可能让它沿着曲线行进。