5.2 机库设计(中英对照)

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a) Description / Design

a) 描述/设计

Hangar and garages act as the interface between the ship that is docking and the host S/S. For technical reasons ( render performance and server bandwidth ), it is impossible to have more than a few tens of ships flying around a hangar ( NPC ships or player ships makes no difference ).


This creates a sort of incoherency between the number of garages that will be useful for gameplay, and garages that should be present for the hangar to look “realistic”. For example, the hangar of a 2 Km-sized carrier should “realistically” contain hundreds of garages, but since there will never be enough ships around to make use of them, we had to make some choices.


The conclusion is that we must use all possible tricks to reduce to the minimum the number of useful garages in a hangar, without giving the impression that the hangar is small / unrealistic. To achieve that, the following ideas have been proposed:


– start to fill your hangar with the biggest garages as possible, and when most space is used, continue by lowering the garage class until you reach class A garages ( the smallest ones ) where there is some room left. In other words, the purpose of bigger carriers / hangars is to provide room for bigger garages, and not provide a higher amount of small garages.

  • 开始尽量用最大型号的泊位填充机库,当使大多数空间被使用时,就降低泊位的级别直到你扩展到用A型泊位(最小的一种)填充完余下的空间。换句话说,更大的航母/机库,其用途是为了拥有更大的泊位,而不是大量的小泊位。

– Maximize space in the hangar so that ships can navigate as easily as possible. You will normally have room to play with. Use complex structures, rooms connected to other rooms, long corridors, etc..

  • 机库空间要最大化,以便船在里面可以尽量轻松的航行。你会有空间正常的游戏。使用复杂的场景结构相互连接,甬道,走廊..等。

– Create fake garages to make the hangar appear more complex than it really is. Basically, create fake doors that are static ( they'll never open ) and that will make players think there are a lot of garages. The bigger the hangar, the more fake doors you should use.

  • 创造一些假泊位使机库表现的比真实情况更复杂。实际上,创造一些静态的假门(它们不会打开),这会使玩家以为这里有许多泊位。至于更大的机库,你要使用更多的假门。

– Keep enough space between the garages – avoid to pack them all like sardines ( unless you're working on a small hangar that needs to have a lot of garages ).

  • 在泊位间留有足够的空间——避免使它们挤在一块看起来像群沙丁鱼(除非一个小机库需要大量泊位)。

– Decorate the hangar with more details – walls should never be a huge single quad. Use human scale details, arches, pathways, maybe cranes or various metallic structures. Remember that you can use alpha-masked quads for fences or metallic grids.

  • 使用更多的细节装饰机库——墙壁不应该是空旷平坦的。使用人文尺度细节(human scale details),拱门,通道,起重机和各种各样的金属结构。记住,你可以使用透明遮罩四边形(alpha-masked quads)制作护栏或金属格子。

– You have to imagine that the crew of the docked ship has to enter the S/S they docked to. Add some human scale details such as doors to make it more believable. Doors can either be geometrically modeled ( if you have some spare polys left on your budget ), either with textures.

  • 你可以想象飞船停泊时的场景。例如在舱门上加入一些人文尺度的细节,使整体显得更加合理可信。门可以是任意的几何外形(如果你在预算中还有一些备用多边形),材质也是。

– If a ship doesn't have landing gears, it should have at least one garage or hangar. This is necessary so that players can use shuttles to land on planets while keeping their main ship in space orbit.

  • 如果一艘船没有着陆装置,那它内部应该至少有一个泊位或机库。这是以便玩家可以离开轨道上的主船——利用穿梭机降落在行星上的必要措施。

– Industrial ships should have a lower amount of garages compared to civilian / combat ships; For those, use the low-traffic table and reduce the garage count by at least a factor of 2. Ex.: a medium hauler of 450m long could use 1 C garage, 1 or 2 B garages and 2 or 3 A garages.

  • 工业船的机库数量应低于民船和战斗船;为了实现这些,使用低交通流量表和减少机库数量,至少是2的因数。例如:一艘450米长的中型运输船可以使用1个C型泊位,一个或2个B型泊位,两个或3个A型泊位。

– Carriers / ship transporters should have a higher amount of garages compared to industrial / civilian / attack ships. Use the high-traffic table.

  • 航母/船运舰应该有一个比工业船和民船更多的机库。使用高交通流量表

– Stations or spaceports city buildings: depends on the expected traffic in the station or spaceport, but usually comparable to carriers. Use the high-traffic table.

  • 空间站或航天站城市建筑:依赖在空间站和航天站中预设的交通流量,但是通常比得上航母。使用高交通流量表

– Other ships in which traffic will be limited ( civilian ships, combat ships ) should use the low traffic table.

  • 其他船内的交通是有限的(民船,战舰)应该用低交通流量表

– Make sure corridors and hangar rooms are not too hard to navigate in. Avoid large scale details that would force ships to zigzag.

  • 确保通道和机库空间不要太狭窄。避免出现过多细节物使船不得不躲着走。

– Don't use launching tubes ( ala. Battlestar Galactica )

  • 不要使用发射管(像太空堡垒卡拉狄加)

– Assume that ships, once the player(s) logs off, will be stored internally to the S/S. So reserve a believable amount of internal space for this storage, too.

  • 设想:当玩家登出,飞船将被储存在飞船/空间站。所以务必预留足够的空间数量。(实际程序设计并非如此)


A型泊位/个 B型泊位/个 C型泊位/个 D型泊位/个 E型泊位/个
0 - 100 0 0 0 0 0
100 - 300 0 - 5 0 - 3 0 - 2 0 0
300 - 750 0 - 10 0 - 8 0 - 5 0 - 3 0 - 1
750 - 2000 0 - 15 0 - 12 0 - 8 0 - 5 0 - 3
> 2000 0 - 20 0 - 15 0 - 12 0 - 8 0 - 4

Table 1: Number of garages in S/S per garage class . Fake garages excluded. For low traffic S/S.




A型泊位/个 B型泊位/个 C型泊位/个 D型泊位/个 E型泊位/个
0 - 100 0 0 0 0 0
100 - 300 0 - 15 0 - 10 0 - 5 0 - 1 0
300 - 750 0 - 25 0 - 20 0 - 8 0 - 4 0 - 2
750 - 2000 0 - 30 0 - 25 0 - 20 0 - 15 0 - 10
> 2000 0 - 35 0 - 30 0 - 25 0 - 20 0 - 15

Table 2: Number of garages in S/S per garage class. Fake garages excluded. For high traffic S/S ( carriers, core spaceports, core stations )


b) Geometry

b) 几何

– Volume of hangar and its garages compared to internal ship volume: variable – depends on the size and category of ship. It could range from 10% to 50% of the whole ship ( 50% only for carriers ). Don't forget to reserve a good part of that space for the internal storage. The hangar geometry itself + garages ( where players are able to fly ) would then represent maybe 5% to 25% of the whole ship.

  • 机库和泊位的体积要参照船的内部体积 - 依据船的种类和尺寸。它们可以占据整艘船内部10%-50%的空间(50%的只能是航母)。不要忘记在内部空间中保留一个货物仓。机库自身+泊位的空间(玩家可移动的部分)将可能占整艘船的5%-25%。

– Do not place garages too close together – keep some space for the doors of each garage, and of course some room under the garage. One could imagine corridors in which engineers and people work behind the garage walls.

  • 不要把泊位布置的过于紧密——以仓门为参照把泊位间保持一些距离,当然距离不要超过泊位的尺寸。你可以想象在泊位隔板见工作的工程师和人员。

– Garages shouldn't be placed on the ceiling.

  • 泊位不能位于机库的天花板上。

– Assume vertical gravity. When parked, ships should all have the same orientation ( in other words, don't assume that there are many gravity directions, one for each side of the hangar wall .

  • 假定引力是垂直的。当停靠泊位时,船只的定位全部相同。换句话说,不要把引力朝向设计成多种——使机库的每面墙都具有各自的引力。

– 25% to 40% of the total ship polycount can be spent on the hangar walls + garages + hangar doors. Exclude garage doors in this count, unless they are static ( fake garages ).

  • 25%-40%的多边形可以用到机库墙+泊位+机库门上。计算中不要包括泊位门,除非它们是静态的(假泊位)。

c) Layout

c) 布局

– Remember to keep a decent thickness between the hangar walls and the external hull of the S/S.

  • 记住要在机库的墙壁和飞船/空间站的外壳间保留出合适的厚度。

– The whole hangar is not necessarily one big room. It can be composed as a set of smaller rooms connected together by corridors. Same for the hangar entrances: instead of directly leading into the hangar room, they could be connected to corridors leading into the hangar. Of course, if you don't have a lot of room to play with in the first place ( smaller ships ), don't use multiple rooms and corridors.

  • 整个机库不一定非得是一个巨大的空间。它可以是由通道相连接的较小空间的组合。同样也适用于机库入口:可以用一段通道式入口取代直进式入口。当然,如果本来你就没有太多空间来满足自设尺寸的船只去停靠,就不要再把空间隔开用走廊连接了。

– Try to make the layout interesting and coherent with the external aspect of the S/S.

  • 尽量使飞船/空间站的外观布局表现的富有意境和连贯清晰。

d) Texturing

d) 材质

Because players will be flying their own ships inside hangars, they will be able to get pretty close to the walls. You should use tiling and generic texture packs to texture the hangar and garages.

You can use alpha-masked polygons to add some details such as fences, metallic structures, etc.. In that case, don't forget to place all those alpha-masked polygons in their own separate object, as they'll need a different shader than the opaque geometry.

因为玩家会把他们的船开到机库里,他们可能会离墙壁非常近。你应该使用平铺材质和普通材质(tiling and generic texture)配合着加到机库和泊位上。