9.2 模型设定(中英对照)

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a) Weapon polycount budget ( in triangles )

a) 武器多边形数预设(三角形)

挂载点/武器类别 挂载点内径


LMK 1 0.5 400
LMK 2 1.0 400
LMK 3 (例如M.T.B.) 1.5 500
LMK 4 (例如:护航艇) 2.0 500
LMK 5 4.0 600
MK 1 7.5 800
MK 2 15 1000
MK 3 30 2000
MK 4 60 3000


Illustration 18: Example of a weapon. Note that the base is NOT a hardpoint, but part of the weapon mesh


b) Objects composition

b) 武器转动特性

For aiming weapons, 3 configurations / setups are possible:


– the weapon only has 1 degree of rotation ( it only pitches or yaws ): use 1 static object ( for the base of the weapon ), and 1 dynamic object ( the barrel, or the part that will be animated ).

  • 武器只有1个旋转轴(它只能俯仰或自旋):使用1静态对像(指武器基座),和1动态对像(炮管或能动的部分)。

– the weapon has 2 degrees of rotation ( it pitches and yaws, ie. Aim anywhere in the hemisphere around the hardpoint ): you can use 1 dynamic base for the “yawing” part, and 1 dynamic barrel/gun for the “pitching” part, attached to the yawing base.

  • 武器拥有两个旋转轴(它可以俯仰和自旋,例如:炮口可以指向挂载点一侧半球内的任意方向):你可以用1个动态的基座来完成“自旋”部分,和1个动态的炮管/枪管完成“俯仰”部分,附加在自旋基座上。

– The weapon has 2 degrees of rotation ( it pitches and yaws ): you can use 1 static base, 1 dynamic yawing base attached to the static base, and 1 dynamic barrel/gun for pitching attached to the yawing base.

  • 武器拥有两个旋转轴(它能自旋和俯仰):你可以用1个静止基座,1个动态自旋基座附加在静态基座上,和1个动态炮管/枪管来在自旋基座上进行俯仰运动。

– Weapons should not need to use 3 degrees of rotation ( pitch + yaw + roll ). If you really need such a config, please contact a developer first.

  • 武器应该不需要3个旋转轴(俯仰+自旋+翻转)。如果你确定需要这样的构造,请先联系开发人员。

c) Dimensions

c) 尺寸

Obviously weapons can’t be ten times the size of their hardpoint type, this would give severe clipping errors with surrounding meshes (unless it’s located at a wingtip or something). Because of this a certain limit must be made to define a weapon’s maximum size.


In the previous versions of the artwork design doc, we set a limit of 150% of the hardpoint radius. This restriction has been lifted and changed to a recommendation. That means that you are now allowed to make weapons as large as you want, but you must keep in mind that as soon as you go over this 150% threshold, you don't have the guarantee that your weapon will be mountable on the hardpoint anymore. The 150% limit does not apply vertically, meaning that a weapon aiming vertically ( up ) can exceed the 150% limit.


We can't give exact numbers for weapons dimensions, as it's clearly depending on the type of S/S and the hardpoint location. A hardpoint located on a flat, un-occluded part of the hull could hold a very large weapon; while if it's in a corner, the 150% limit would apply. The 150% limit gives you the guarantee that, if your weapon fits in that limit, it'll be mountable on weapon mesh all S/S and all hardpoints of the matching size ( so, a MK3 weapon that is 125% the diameter of the hardpoint will fit on all MK3 hardpoints of all ships and stations in the game ).

我们无法在武器尺寸上给出一个确定的数字,因为这取决于飞船/空间站的类型和挂载点的位置。一个位于平面上,附近没有任何突起的挂载点,可以安置一个非常大的武器;而在其他情况下,武器之于挂载点的径上限就不能超过1.5倍。如果你的武器在这限制以内,那它可以安装在与武器网格(weapon mesh)相匹配的飞船/空间站的和所有尺寸匹配的挂载点上(因此,如果一个MK3武器1.25倍直径于挂载点,那它可以在游戏中安置在所有舰船的MK3型挂载点上)。

Here is an illustration of the 150% limit applied to a random hardpoint. In blue, the inner hardpoint diameter. In red, the corresponding 150% size defines a cylinder that the weapon geometry should not cross to have the guarantee that it'll fit on any ship using such hardpoints.



Illustration 19: Inner hardpoint diameter in blue ; Weapon 150% limit in red


d) Animations and recoil

d) 运动表现及后座力

The weapons will be animated by the engine based on the pitch / yaw / roll angles. Recoil might or not be implemented for a given weapon, but you should not rely on it. At best it will be an “effect” with no gameplay consequences.