9.4 导弹,鱼雷,炸弹(中英对照)

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a) Design

a) 设计

MTBs are weapons that launch large physical projectiles, such as:


– Missiles are aerodynamic ( looking similar to our modern missiles ) and streamlined. They chase their target and activate on contact or at a small range.

  • 导弹,导弹的外观非常符合空气动力学(有点类似我们现在的导弹),呈流线型。它们可以追击目标并且当距目标一定距离或击中目标时引爆。

– Bombs are not aerodynamic or streamlined, but fatter and bigger. They don't chase and activate on contact or at a small range. They're launched in a direction from the MTB weapon and continue and their velocity.

  • 炸弹,炸弹一般体型巨大并且十分臃肿。只有距目标一定距离或击中目标时才能引爆。炸弹无法追击目标,当它被MTB抛出时,只能依靠只身的惯性运动。

– Mines are like bombs dropped in space, that stay in the same place forever until a target approaches, at which point they activate. They might have small thrusters ( in textures if the mine is small) to maintain their position in orbit.

  • 地雷,地雷有点像炸弹,只不过他必须事先被投放在目的地,直到有目标经过时才会引爆,地雷一般不可能大范围机动,但有的地雷为了更好的环绕特定的轨道运行带有小型的矫正舱身用的推进器。

– Torpedos are like missiles that don't chase their target; they're launched in a direction from the MTB weapon and continue on their initial velocity. Like missiles, they activate on contact or a small range. They should also look aerodynamic / streamlined.

  • 鱼雷,鱼雷有点像导弹,只是鱼雷也无法追击目标,当MTB发射鱼雷后,鱼雷只能依靠只身的初速度向前运动,直到距目标一定距离或受到撞击时才引爆。鱼雷的外观也程流线型,非常符合空气动力学。

b) Hardpoints

b) 挂载点

In the previous SDD version, we had a special category for MTB hardpoints. This has been removed. Now, hardpoints are completely unaware of weapons they can host: those can be standard weapons / turrets or MTBs. It means that a MTB weapon can match any hardpoint category excepting LMK1 and LMK2 ( those are probably too small ). So, you can make a MTB weapon for a LMK4 hardpoint, or for a MK1, or even for a MK4. For the MK1-4 categories, remember that the hardpoint diameter is 7.5m / 15m / 30m / 60m. A MTB weapon standing on such a large hardpoint base must look coherent. Such weapons, while technically not forbidden, would probably play by their own rules and be close to super-weapons. Please contact me for confirmation before designing such a big MTB weapon / projectiles.


c) Projectiles count

c) 发射数目

A MTB weapon can launch one or many MTB projectiles at the same time if it has many openings ( guns / barrels ) for the projectiles, but try to keep that number reasonable ( and coherent with the size of the MTB and of its projectiles ). The hard limit would probably be no more than 8 projectiles / missiles per MTB for the biggest MTBs. A balance can be achieved. For example, a LMK5 MTB could launch 1 missile that has a diameter of 1 meter, or 4 missiles each with a diameter of 0.5m; while a MK1 MTB could launch 4 missiles of 1m each.

如果MTB同时开启,可以同时发射多枚导弹(或鱼雷)。但是你必须保证发射的数量在一个合理的范围内(同时确保发射物的直径小于发射孔)。一般火力最强的MTB的发射数目也不得超过8个。发射物的数量同时也受到MTB型号的限制。例如: LMK5的MTB可以发射一个直径为1米的导弹,或同时发射4个直径为0.5米的导弹。同时MK1的MTB可以同时发射4个直径为1米的导弹。

d) Projectile generation

d) 导弹发射

When the MTB weapon fires its projectiles, those will be spawned very close to the barrels / guns of the MTB weapon. Collisions between the projectile and the weapon will be disabled for a few seconds. It is strongly advised to design the MTB weapon so that when projectiles get spawned, they are in an “occluded” state ( they can't be seen from an external viewer ), ie. Inside the barrel or gun opening. The barrel / gun opening radius must match the one of the projectile.


e) Projectile activation

e) 爆炸物

Most MTB projectiles, when "activated", will explode. But it's not a requirement. Some of them might be more original. For example, imagine a bomb that, when activated, generates hundreds of smaller projectiles in all directions. All the additional projectiles ( if they're bigger than a meter size ) should be modeled/textured too.


f) Polycount budget ( in triangles )

f) 多边形数量预算(三角型)

The MTB weapon itself should use the same polycount table than standard weapons. Please refer to it for more informations. Projectiles polycount: if projectiles are less than a meter, we'll probably use a billboard effect as they'll be too small to be seen from a distance anyway. However for the sake of user interface in buying / selling screens, you can still model / texture them. Projectiles that are above a meter should be modeled and textured. The polycount budget should range from a few hundred triangles ( 1m ) up to a thousand triangles ( 10m and above ).

鱼雷发射艇的武器应该和其它的标准武器使用相同数量的多边型来表现,其它更详细的说明请留意涉及这方面的有关资料。导弹的多边型数量:如果导弹的长度小于1米,当它因为体型太小以致于在远处无法看清时我们可能会用一个告示效果(billboard effect)来表现它。然而为了玩家在购买或者出售弹药时在用户界面上能有较好的显示效果,你仍然要设计导弹的模型及质材。导弹的长度大于1米时应该要建模和贴上材质,模型的多边型数量预算大概在几百个三角型(1米的模型)到1000个三角型(10米的模型)之间。